WAEC English Language Questions and Answers 2022 (100% Sure Theory & Obj Expo)


WAEC English Language Questions and Answers 2022 (100% Sure Theory & Obj Expo)

WAEC English Language Questions and Answers 2022  is now release for the May/June 2022.  WAEC English Theory and Objective Answers (100% legit) English 2 Essay verified Free  (Expo) for West African Examinations Council. WAEC English Questions For you to have good WAEC result in  English as well as repeated questions for free in this post. You will also understand how WAEC English questions are set and how to answer them.

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WAEC English Language Questions and Answers 2022

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WAEC English Language 2022 Questions and Answers

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(5)Better late than never story. This is a story about an old man who lived in a village. He had two sons and one daughter. They were all well settled in their city life. His children would send him money every month so that he did not have any crisis. They also used to send letters to know about his well being. Once in a year his sons and daughter would come to pay a visit to him but for the rest of the year his only source of communication was the letters. sometimes he would go to the post master of the village to read the letters for him because he did not know to read and write. The postmaster always used to help the old man reading and writing the letters for him.But unfortunately that post master died and a young postmaster got appointed. That young postmaster was a rude person who did not want to help the man. Slowly his way of communication with his children got cut off. He use to remain very upset.One day the head master of the village school came to him and asked about his disappointment. The old man told him that because of his being illiterate he is facing trouble to get in touch with his children. He described how he never went to school because of his commitments towards his family. After listening to the his problem, the head master gave him a solution that instead of asking help from others he should once again start going to school and read and write.The old man said everybody would laugh at him at this age studying. The headmaster told is better late than never. So following his advice the man joined the night school and started reading and writing. within few months he started writing letters to his children and getting their answers too. By then he did not have to go to anyone to read the letter. That day he was clear on the proverb that better late than never

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They were classmates

She rather looked like an office chief administrator than a farmer

The writer does not see farming as a noble proffession

(i) Her determination
(ii) Her ability to secure a loan from the bank.

She was so successful that she won the best farmer of the country and employed three hundred persons.

WAEC English Language Questions 2022 and Answers (More QTNS)

It suggests that the writer is not as successful as funke in her own carrier.


(i) Noun Phrase
(ii) It is the object of the verb “was”

(i) Relax – Rest
(ii) Confident – optimistic
(iii) Refunded – repaid
(iv) Reveals – discloses
(v) Struggling – Striving

(7a)(i) Farmers do not have access to storage facilities(ii) High cost of evacuating farm produce(iii) Transporters charge very high and exorbitant fees due to cost of fuel and vehicular maintenance due to bad roads.

(7b)(i) Government should encourage and support mechanized farming(ii) Government should educate farmers on modern farming practices(iii) Provision of storage facilities to farmers.

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All Candidates should ensure that the West African Examination Council, WAEC 2022 English Questions and Answers are written and presented in such a way that it corresponds to the WAEC English Marking Scheme. likely WAEC Questions and Answers for English Language are below.

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