Job Overview

  • Job Title Senior Backend Engineer
  • Hiring Organization Speechify
  • Company Website
  • Remote Locations Worldwide
  • Job Type Remote, Full-Time

As Speechify expands, our AI team seeks a Senior Backend Engineer. This role is central to ensuring our infrastructure scales efficiently, optimizing key product flows, and constructing resilient end-to-end systems. If you are passionate about strategizing, enjoy high-paced environments, and are eager to take ownership of product decisions, we’d love to hear from you.

Job Responsibilities

  • State of the art voice cloning
  • Low latency and cost effective text to speech

Job Requirements

  • Proven experience in backend development: TS/Node (required), Python, Rust, Kotlin, Go.
  • Direct experience with GCP and knowledge of AWS, Azure, or other cloud providers.
  • Efficiency in ideation and implementation, prioritizing tasks based on urgency and impact.
  • Experience with Docker and containerized deployments.
  • Proficiency in deploying high availability applications on Kubernetes.
  • Preferred: Experience deploying NLP or TTS models to production.

Employee Benefits

  • A dynamic environment where your contributions shape the company and its products.
  • A team that values innovation, intuition, and drive.
  • Autonomy, fostering focus and creativity.
  • The opportunity to have a significant impact in a revolutionary industry.
  • Competitive compensation, a welcoming atmosphere, and a commitment to an exceptional asynchronous work culture.
  • The privilege of working on a product that changes lives, particularly for those with learning differences like dyslexia, ADD, and more.
  • An active role at the intersection of artificial intelligence and audio – a rapidly evolving tech domain.

How To Apply

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More Information

  • Remote Job Location Anywhere
  • Salary Offer to be discussed
  • Experience Level Senior Level
  • Education Level Non Specific
  • Working Hours to be arranged (full time based )
  • Job Application Via Custom Application Page