News On Npower Batch C2: Reason Posting Letter Download Link Is Not Available


It is no longer breaking news that Npower management has begun updating the batch C stream 2 beneficiaries’ posting records on the Nasims deployment website. The posting records of certain recipients will, however, appear on the dashboard before those of other beneficiaries because the deployment information is updated slowly.

Because of the aforementioned, recipients whose posting record hasn’t been updated yet shouldn’t worry. The proper posting method will be used to list all eligible receivers.

Even if the link to the letter is available, the management probably hasn’t released it yet, which is why trying to download the deployment letter at this time results in a blank page. So exercise patience.

When the Npower management Nasims releases a formal announcement, the posting letter will be made accessible for download. The letter won’t likely be ready for several days since beneficiaries must have the letter accepted at their major assignments and re-uploaded to the Nasims portal.

At the right time, ideally this month of October 2022, the recipients will be made aware of everything said above.

Remember that the beneficiaries of Batch C stream 1 resumed employment at their various PPAs in October of last year? Npower batch C stream 2 should be prepared since they also received their first stipend payment in September 2021.

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